Disappointment over missing mental health reform in King’s Speech – Community Practitioner

The King’s Speech marked the official state opening of parliament on Tuesday, where 21 bills were introduced.

Some groups have expressed disappointment over a lack of mental health reform. The Mental Health Bill, raised in previous sessions, was notably missing from Tuesday’s speech.

The Children & Young People’s Mental Health Coalition (CYPMHC) said they are ‘increasingly concerned’ with the lack of commitment to mental health.

In a response to the King’s Speech, the CYPMHC said that reforms to the Mental Health Act would enhance the rights of children and young people, and prioritise patient voice. In their letter, they wrote:

‘For too long, the Mental Health Act has failed people who require mental health care and reforms are long overdue. Inequalities in the disproportionate use of detentions, high levels of restraint – particularly experienced by children and young people – and the removal of patient autonomy are just some of the problems with the Act in its current form.’

The letter was signed by over 60 CYPMHC member organisations in England, including the Centre for Mental Health, the NSPCC, and YoungMinds. To read the full response, click here.

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